Ensuring London

Leads the World


The future of London is too important to leave in the hands of the political parties alone and their internal policy fights. London deserves a Mayor who puts London first, before any party political allegiances. 

Rather than preaching to you about what I will do as Mayor, I am undertaking a series of big conversations to ensure that my final policies, to be announced in March 2021, reflect the priorities of the Londoners I want to serve as Mayor. Join me, let's talk.


  • Zero tolerance for knife crime and possession

  • Rebuild trust and confidence between police and communities

  • Tackle family breakdown, child abuse, school exclusion and economic disadvantage

  • Employ Special Constables who are respected members of the communities they serve

  • Reopen 104 closed youth centres and create 1000 youth jobs

  • Build more homes for Londoners using Modern Methods of Construction

  • Review 10% Council tax hike and put money back in the pocket of Londoners

  • Review TFL price increase to make it more affordable to all Londoners

  • Make childcare more affordable to Londoners who want to join the workforce

  • Prioritising mental and physical wellbeing at home, schools and work

  • Champion a New Green London

  • Achieve carbon neutrality by 2030

  • Invest in green jobs, technology and transport

  • Smarter London with Zero Emission Infrastructure

  • Establish recovery fund for London businesses and create jobs

  • Establish entrepreneurship and apprentice programs for Londoners

  • Stimulate economic growth by scrapping business rates for 2021

  • Stimulate economic growth by scrapping congestion for 2021